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Harbour Bridge at dawn.

No traffic yet, no tourists.

Alone in the world.

Tracks in the water.

What will we leave in our wake?

Sunrise reflections.

"Do not enter here!"

Kangaroos guarding their land.

Immigration watch?

Audrey Wilkinson,

Proudly presenting his vines.

A good life fulfilled.

Laugh, Kookaburra.

You don't need to sow or reap.

Carefree existence.

As clouds are gath'ring,

The sun rises at the Fort.

Sparkling ray of hope.

In hazy sunshine,

Leaves of grass, stirred by the wind,

Enjoying the view.

Oh, to be a Faun!

Idling in the sun, smiling.

Let the world go by.

Red flowers, white sails.

The majestic bridge behind.

Perfect postcard peace.

Little chimney sweep.

Sad, shivering in the cold.

Longing to go home.

Stairs to Parnassus.

Architectural wonder.

Be bold and aim high.

Little Boy Cupid.

Not a worry in the world.

Clear fresh blue water.

Sun above the sails.

Success despite obstacles.

There is always hope.

About perspective:

See things out of proportion?

Take a balanced view.

Helpful stepping stones.

As no man is an island,

We need to connect.

Morning clouds forming.

Boats mooring in Mosman Bay.

Pure tranquillity.

Wake up to wonder.

Clouds glow in a purple sky.

Morning in Cremorne.

Bathers'.  Memories.

First Australian lunch.  Friendship.

Scones with cream and jam.

Closed doors.  Let us try.

Knock, and they will be opened.

Dum spiro, spero.

A new day begins.

Walking to the ferry wharf.

Life is beautiful.

15 April 2017

This is a first foray into the world of poetry and a cautious attempt to create a few Haikus, inspired by some photos I have taken in Sydney during the past few months.  It was experimental fun trying to fit some reflective description into 17 syllables, 5+7+5 for each, to meet the formal requirements of the genre.

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